MIS Cloud Now Available

MIS Cloud allows you to access your system from Mac, PC, Ipad, Android, Smart Phones, Windows, Linux, Desktop and much more. It also allows you to create custom sign up portals, which gives you the ability to automate your your member’s sign up process, including electronic liability agreement management, meaning your members can now sign up without front desk intervention from a tablet, IPAD kiosk, or even from your own web page. Also, since this system is on the cloud, member billing is fully automated and hands free. To learn more about the latest and greatest gym management software in the cloud go to https://www.mis.io.

Fully Loaded Feature Bundle

With many user friendly gym management features, MIS is the right gym software choice for you! Simply put, it has one of the best if not the best feature to price ratio in the market.

User Friendly Interface

We spent many months designing our gym membership software to be easy for any user. You do not have to be a computer expert to enjoy the many features that we have to offer. Check out the screen shots below to understand what we are talking about.

Take a look at our Online Videos Tutorials

What better way to understand what MIS can do, then by watching our online Tutorials. These tutorials will show you how very easy it is to setup and use MIS. Click below to play these tutorials.


Reasons You Can Trust MIS With Managing Your Business!

MIS Is Used By Many Gyms And Clubs Word Wide!

MIS Worldwide Users

With Many Users Word Wide, Let’s See What Some Have To Say!

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Lorraine Rabey
Owner -- Club Image Gaspe
Great Product!

After doing a lot of research online for fitness club software I came across MIS. As soon as I downloaded it realized it was what I was looking for. It had all of the features I needed and it was easy to use and affordable. I would highly recommend it to any independent gym. I was also impressed with all the additional upgrades. Our members sign in using the keypad input, their memberhship number is the last four digits of their phone number. It is easy and efficient.

Jennifer Hagerman
Co-Managing Partner -- Elite Fitness Zone
By far the best bang for your buck!

I've searched and demo'd a bunch of membership software for our gym and MIS is the best software hands down. It's easy to use and integration with scanners, credit card and cash drawers is a breeze. We run a small private personal training gym and not all of our trainers are as computer savvy as others, so what I like best is that it doesn't overly complicate any of the processes and transactions. This system is perfect for gyms and small businesses without putting a huge dent in your cash flow.

Jason Ott
Co-Owner -- Chop Shop Mixed Martial Arts
Bang for the buck...

We've used our MIS system since 2010 and we've been very pleased. The software is easy to use for both staff and members, and we've had no technical issues or equipment failure at all over the past 4 years. It's really helped streamline our operation. Overall, it's one heck of a system for the price. I recommend it to anyone considering a new, reliable pos system but who doesn't want to break the bank.

Dan Krebs
Founder -- Grace Period
Great product, exceptional service

MIS is great and Jerry is always ready to help when you have any issues. All vendors should care this much. Thanks Jerry!

Jessica Janowsky
Owner -- Ultimate Fit Chick
MIS is so easy & convenient

My name is Jessica. I recently opened up my own group fitness exercise studio. I am a VERY small business that is only opened a couple of hours a night after the work day when most working women have a chance to exercise and enjoy group classes. I looked into several software programs to help me keep track of my members but I liked MIS the best because they have online tutorials to help you and because their are no monthly fees. You can have as many or as little members and you only pay the flat rate at the beginning. I really like MIS and am very happy with my decision. It keeps track of members log-ins and you can generate reports such as which classes are best attended, etc... It easily alters both the patrons and myself when a membership expires.

Jennifer Paczas
Owner -- Shake,Shimmy,Sweat Group Fitness
Love MIS! Wouldn't use anything else

I have been using MIS for about 2 years now. It has everything I need to keep track of my members and the daily sales my company brings in. I can track inventory, sales tax, daily member sales and long term memberships. Anytime I have had an issue, I have been able to contact customer service and they have wrote me back immediately. I can't see myself using any other product. It is cost effective and practical.

Saran Thierwaechter
General Manager -- Sky Gym Samui

MIS is a pragmatic and must have application for medium-sized gym like Sky Gym Samui. Handling and data overview are the biggest as sets of MIS. We would recommend MIS to other Gyms (small to medium sized) since we are very happy with the product.

Teri Tilton
Owner/Instructor -- ZT's Zumba Studio, LLC.
Zumba Studio

As a super small boutique zumba fitness studio we needed something affordable and simple to use. This was the answer. Some tweaks could be made such as having the option to delete certain things or easier modification of items. All in All we appreciate this concept & will continue using it 😉

Lizmary Nazario
User -- Healthy Body Factory

I have been using MIS since 2010 when I started a new gym that included different fitness modalities, personal trainning, weight management under medical care and physical activity for kids. The program is easy to use, provide graphics and statistics that help a lot to se progress of the business, good account tools and is a good source to keep tightly control of users and their menmership. Great service and fast response customer service when you need it.

Charlie Prior
Owner -- Party On Fitness
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this software.

After EXTENSIVE research, all the software I could find for gyms, fitness centers, dance studios, etc. were way too expensive and they had so many bells and whistles I would never use. All I wanted was a system to keep track of my memberships and class packages, as well membership stats (date and time of sign-ins, number of students in a class, number of members at any point in time, the date membership expire ,etc. etc. etc.). I also wanted to be able to get some financial reports, such as payments received, broken down by cash, credit card and check. And of course, the cost of the software was very important. I downloaded the free demo and figured I would set it up and see how it functioned. I gave it a good workout and it seemed to fit my needs. More good news! The system is very (...)

Raul Cruz
IT & POS Consultant -- Wilson's Unisex Muscle Gym

Pros: easy to install, configure and use. Great product for the price. Good support.
Cons: some limited functionalities/features at the POS side (only if you sell many items at the Gym!).

Overall, will recommend.

Napoleon Taumoepeau
Founder -- Suva Boxing & Fitness Centre LTD
The Best All In One Membership Program.. No Monthly Fees

I opened a gym out of the country and the seller complied with all of my request with shipping, was very punctual and everything went according to what he messaged me. This is definitely a SUPER user friendly program, I bought the version with the finger print scanner. The program is very compatible with all hardware but best to buy it from him to make sure everything runs smooth. Many months after I purchased this program he still answers any question I have promptly. I would recommend this program to ANY fitness centre.. The best thing is its the only program I found that you actually own and don’t pay any monthly online fees.

Ninfa Skezas
Owner -- Party Fitness LLC
Great System!

Great Membership system and great customer support!

Molly Gillespie
owner/operator -- CrossFit XLR8
Gym member management

I have used MIS for about 3 years now here at CrossFit XLR8. It is very simple, affordable and dependable. Support is quick to respond if needed and I would recommend this software to anyone that wants a user-friendly product.

Rashad Rounds
Artistic Director -- Famous Fresh Studios
Gym Membership Programming for my Dance Studio

This software is so easy to use. I use it for my dance studio and it does exactly what I want it to do. Its perfect! The customer service is great and any time I had a problem they always walked me through all of my steps. Thanks again MIS for creating such an easy to use software!!!!!!

Gail McFarland
Wellness / Fitness Lead -- Sam Nunn Federal Fitness Center, Inc.
Everything we asked for!

Opening and operating a fitness facility of any sort is always a challenge, especially in the workplace. When we introduced our 400+ members to the ease and consistency of the MIS system, we were more than pleased with the result. As with most new programs, we've had a few hiccups. Without exception, the MIS customer service team has ALWAYS come through for us. Overall, program and attendance tracking have been simplified for our staff, and our members love the photos attached to their files -- the photos mean that they don't have to keep track of their ID cards on the fitness floor. For the staff, those photos allow us to readily identify members in case of emergency -- a definite PLUS in a workplace facility.

Donna Tomassi
Co-Owner -- Chela Yoga

We are a small yoga studio that chose MIS software to help us keep better track of payments, expirations, etc. The software has helped us to that and also become better organized in general. It is easy to use and the tutorials really help as a guide if we need them. I am happy we chose MIS for our studio and would recommend them to anyone in the same position as we were. Thanks MIS!

Renee Smith
Pool Director -- Shallowford Lake Pool Association
Super Software

Have to say I totally shopped around for a software for our pool memberships. We are bringing our pool association to current times. After shopping I spoke with Jerry on this software and it sounded like everything I was looking for and more. I feel one of the best features was the fact you do not have to have the internet to use this software that was a super big plus for us also do not let me leave out the price well it was perfect! This software is awesome it is super easy to use and if you do have any problems they are always there to help even when I had some dumb questions he always had an answer. I would recommend this product highly to anyone who is looking for a software for any type of membership and the ease to run reports is great, it breaks it down to what you really nee (...)

Tony Ludwig
Owner/Coach - Contender Fitness
If you own a GYM/Fitness Center - this is the Software for you

Can't brag enough about this software....one thing I really don't like is the idea of having to pay someone a monthly fee for a service...not for my own data. This software allows you track your members, your employees, your inventory, set up different membership packages. Additionally you know when a membership is about to expire, create a payroll....this is the complete package, incredibly intuitive and easy to use. AND the support - is awesome! Did I mention - cheap! definitely a great one time price!

Oana Nita
Owner -- Premium Sports LLC
It is amazing to me how well the system works!

It is amazing to me how well the MIS works and how complete it is to run and manage all of the different aspects of the club. I'm not that much into computers, but the software takes care of all the most important parts of my business. When a member walks in the door MIS tells me if they owe me money, so I can get the cash up front before they start working out. I only spend about ten minutes a month to debit and renew all my members. I get to spend more time working out and greeting my members, which is why I opened this gym in the first place.

Orlando Perez
Director,Owner -- Salsa McAllen Dance Co.
Long Time Happy Customer

I was one of the very first centers that got on board with MIS, I like to say that I helped them in a way to do the lay out of the gym software or in my case dance studio software, They have always been there for me, I have been using the software for about 10 years now, I am blessed that I took a chance with them at the beginning, They are good guys and will always be there for you, the software is just awesome.

Sebastian Fritzson
Founder - Elite Gym and Fitness
Elite Gym and Fitness Koh Samui, Thailand

We have been using your system for a couple of months right now and we are very satisfied. It´s ease to use, have a lot of great functions and is a great help in the daily operations.

Elite Gym and Fitness is located in a very tourist intense loacation in Thailand and we have a lot of foot traffic and both short- and longterm members and your system makes it a lot easier to get a good overview of the business and our members. When we wanted to install a fingerprint reader your customer service helped us out a lot.


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