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Membership Integrity Gym Software

Membership Integrity System offers an affordable integrity gym membership system for Windows with NO MONTHLY FEES.

MIS is fully bundled with many features to run and manage a membership facility with ease, reliability and affordability. This membership software is not just intended for gyms. We have many facilities including swimming pools, zumba studios and boxing gyms. It is fully customizable to be used with any type of facility that need to track memberships.

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Gym Software: Video
Our videos will walk you through step-by-step on how to setup and use MIS. What better way to learn MIS, then having one of our professionals walk you through step-by-step at your convenience.

The picture input feature of MIS allows the user to take a picture of the member and store it into the member's profile with any standard webcam. With the directX technology embedded inside MIS, the user is not entitled to using any particular webcam, thus allowing the user to use any webcam available at their local computer store. When a member sign's in, the picture will automatically appear on the thumbnail along with member's status and balance.
Gym Software: Fingerprint
The finger print feature of MIS, allows the member to use his/her finger for signing in. This eliminates the need to create id cards or stress over the identity of the member. It also is convenient for the owner and the member eliminating the hassle of carrying key chains and wallets to your workout facility. Another benefit of biometrics, is the money you will be saving on membership cards and ink to print out photo ids.
Membership Software: Barcode
The barcode input feature of MIS allows the member to use his/her photo id for signing in. This eliminates the need for the member to remember their member id. MIS is setup to be compatible with any type of barcode reader that has keyboard wedge output, thus eliminating the need to purchase a particular type of barcode reader.
Zumba Software: Keypad
The keypad feature of MIS, allows the member to type in his/her membership number to sign in. With keypads available starting as low as $10.00, this makes it affordable for facilities working on a low budget. Just plug in the keypad into the USB and your member's can start signing in today.
Membership Software: Multi Member Scan
The MULTI-MEMBER SCAN SCREEN feature of MIS, accepts input from keypad, barcode reader, and fingerprint reader separately or simultaneously. When a user signs in, the thumbnail forms rows and columns, allowing the front desk clerk not to be present while signing in takes place. The front desk clerk then reviews the thumbnails and takes action according to member status.
Zumba Software: ACH Direct
The BANK AUTO DRAFT (ACH) feature of MIS allows you to collect payment from your member's credit card or checking account quickly and reliably. No longer will you have the daunting task of keeping your member's system and billing system synched up. MIS allows you to create recurring billing transactions to ACH Direct's billing system and post settlements directly from the software.
Membership Software: Accounts Receivables
The ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE feature of MIS keeps track of all of your purchase transactions made inside MIS. They are stored as invoices allowing you to print, apply payment and give a refund directly to the invoice. Tax information is also stored inside to retrieve quarterly or whenever sales tax information is needed. The accounts receivable report gives you the ability to print out money coming in and balances between any period of time.
Unlimited Members: No Monthly Fees
With MIS, you can store as many members as your computer can store. While other companies are trying to sell you software based on member quantity, MIS does not have such restrictions. As your facility grows, no additional purchases are required.
Gym Software: Employee Time Clock
The EMPLOYEE TIME CLOCK feature of MIS allows a membership facility to keep track of all payroll times in MIS. You can use the keypad, barcode reader, or the fingerprint reader to input employee times the same way a member signs in. You no longer have to use a separate software package to keep track of your employee hours.
Gym Software: Batch Email
The BATCH EMAILER feature of MIS allows a membership facility to send batch emails with attachments to all members. You no longer will spend numerous hours sending one email at a time to all of your members. With a few clicks of the mouse, a batch will be created and sent to all desired members.
Gym Software: Class Scheduler
The CLASS SCHEDULER feature of MIS allows a company to assign their weekly class schedule. This allows a facility who wishes to keep track of class attendance to do so. When a facility uses this feature, the member will sign in showing the available classes for the front desk clerk to assign them to. This will allow class attendance data to display accurately on sign in reports.
Gym Software: Employee Training
The TRAINING SCHEDULE feature of MIS allows you to keep track of your employee's training schedules. Management can easily assign members to the employee schedule in an outlook style calendar. You can view and print in daily, weekly, monthy, and batch modes.
Zumba Software: Mailing Labels
The CUSTOM REPORTS feature allows a membership facility to customize and save any report list in MIS. You can customize which fields go on the report, what position they belong in, along with their width and fonts. You can even group by any field in the list. There is also an option that allows you to print mailing labels with a click of a button. This allows you to create powerful reports within seconds.
Gym Software: Promotion Tracker
The PROMOTION TRACKER feature allows a membership facility's administrator to give rewards bases on a member's action. For example, you can give a free month of gym if a member refers 2 new members. With a few clicks of the mouse, you will have a list of member's who meet the required criteria to receive the reward.
Membership Software: Family Members
The FAMILY MEMBERS feature allows a membership facility to link another member to another profile. This allows the membership facility to share memberships and keep track of children that are coming in to the facility.
Gym Software: Drivers License Scan
The DRIVERS LICENSE SCAN feature allows a membership facility to quickly enroll members into the system. When a new member comes in to sign up, all you have to do is swipe there drivers license and MIS will automatically read and input the member's general demographic information. If your facility calls for quick enrollment of new members, this feature is a must.
All facilities using our software are entitled to free technical support via email, online chat and our online helpdesk.

As you can see, MIS is loaded with many powerful features that you will need to operate a successful membership business. It also offers a user friendly environment to handle operations quickly and reliably. MIS is membership software that has been the choice for many facilities across the world.