Unattended Check In Screen

The unattended check in screen can be setup to allow your members to check into your business without a front desk employee present. For a member to check into your business, all he or she has to do is either key in their id into the keypad, put their barcode key tag next to the barcode scanner, or place their finger on the fingerprint scanner. This action will automatically display their name, photo, balance and expiration date with either a blue or red background depending if they are eligible to use your facility.

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Sebastian Fritzson
Sebastian Fritzson
Founder - Elite Gym and Fitness
Elite Gym and Fitness Koh Samui, Thailand

We have been using your system for a couple of months right now and we are very satisfied. It´s ease to use, have a lot of great functions and is a great help in the daily operations.

Elite Gym and Fitness is located in a very tourist intense loacation in Thailand and we have a lot of foot traffic and both short- and longterm members and your system makes it a lot easier to get a good overview of the business and our members. When we wanted to install a fingerprint reader your customer service helped us out a lot.

Napoleon Taumoepeau
Napoleon Taumoepeau
Founder -- Suva Boxing & Fitness Centre LTD
The Best All In One Membership Program.. No Monthly Fees

I opened a gym out of the country and the seller complied with all of my request with shipping, was very punctual and everything went according to what he messaged me. This is definitely a SUPER user friendly program, I bought the version with the finger print scanner. The program is very compatible with all hardware but best to buy it from him to make sure everything runs smooth. Many months after I purchased this program he still answers any question I have promptly. I would recommend this program to ANY fitness centre.. The best thing is its the only program I found that you actually own and don’t pay any monthly online fees.