Member Billing Integration

Implementing billing in MIS is a smart way for your business to collect monthly dues from your member’s credit card or checking account. Our sophisticated billing module is integrated directly with Forte Payment Systems to handle all of your payment processing securely. With a few clicks you can instantly bill thousands of members all at one time. Also, our system automatically processes settlement files into your accounts receivables with a single click. Our approach will allow you to have one system to process credit cards and also handle memberships so you don’t have to spend hours combining more then one system together.

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Jennifer Hagerman
Jennifer Hagerman
Co-Managing Partner -- Elite Fitness Zone
By far the best bang for your buck!

I've searched and demo'd a bunch of membership software for our gym and MIS is the best software hands down. It's easy to use and integration with scanners, credit card and cash drawers is a breeze. We run a small private personal training gym and not all of our trainers are as computer savvy as others, so what I like best is that it doesn't overly complicate any of the processes and transactions. This system is perfect for gyms and small businesses without putting a huge dent in your cash flow.

Sebastian Fritzson
Sebastian Fritzson
Founder - Elite Gym and Fitness
Elite Gym and Fitness Koh Samui, Thailand

We have been using your system for a couple of months right now and we are very satisfied. It´s ease to use, have a lot of great functions and is a great help in the daily operations.

Elite Gym and Fitness is located in a very tourist intense loacation in Thailand and we have a lot of foot traffic and both short- and longterm members and your system makes it a lot easier to get a good overview of the business and our members. When we wanted to install a fingerprint reader your customer service helped us out a lot.