Promotion Tracker

The Promotion Tracker Feature allows a membership business to give rewards bases on a member’s action. For example, you can give a free month of gym if a member refers two or more new members. With a few clicks of the mouse, you will have a list of member’s who meet the required criteria to receive the reward.

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Sebastian Fritzson
Sebastian Fritzson
Founder - Elite Gym and Fitness
Elite Gym and Fitness Koh Samui, Thailand

We have been using your system for a couple of months right now and we are very satisfied. It´s ease to use, have a lot of great functions and is a great help in the daily operations.

Elite Gym and Fitness is located in a very tourist intense loacation in Thailand and we have a lot of foot traffic and both short- and longterm members and your system makes it a lot easier to get a good overview of the business and our members. When we wanted to install a fingerprint reader your customer service helped us out a lot.

Gail McFarland
Gail McFarland
Wellness / Fitness Lead -- Sam Nunn Federal Fitness Center, Inc.
Everything we asked for!

Opening and operating a fitness facility of any sort is always a challenge, especially in the workplace. When we introduced our 400+ members to the ease and consistency of the MIS system, we were more than pleased with the result. As with most new programs, we've had a few hiccups. Without exception, the MIS customer service team has ALWAYS come through for us. Overall, program and attendance tracking have been simplified for our staff, and our members love the photos attached to their files -- the photos mean that they don't have to keep track of their ID cards on the fitness floor. For the staff, those photos allow us to readily identify members in case of emergency -- a definite PLUS in a workplace facility.