Built In Employee Time Clock

Since we care for your business, we added a feature to help your membership business out even more. No longer will you need to purchase an employee time clock to track your hourly employee work hours. The time clock is very powerful and is integrated into the auto scan screen. The software will determine if the check in was from a member or from an employee and log accordingly. Also, the fingerprint add-on can be used for employees to clock in and out.

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Charlie Prior
Charlie Prior
Owner -- Party On Fitness
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this software.

After EXTENSIVE research, all the software I could find for gyms, fitness centers, dance studios, etc. were way too expensive and they had so many bells and whistles I would never use. All I wanted was a system to keep track of my memberships and class packages, as well membership stats (date and time of sign-ins, number of students in a class, number of members at any point in time, the date membership expire ,etc. etc. etc.). I also wanted to be able to get some financial reports, such as payments received, broken down by cash, credit card and check. And of course, the cost of the software was very important. I downloaded the free demo and figured I would set it up and see how it functioned. I gave it a good workout and it seemed to fit my needs. More good news! The system is very inexpensive (a fraction of the cost of its competitors I could find). So far so good. Lastly, I wanted to talk to someone currently using it. I contacted Jerry, and he was kind enough to give me the name and number of a Zumba studio in Florida to talk to. The owner of that studio was VERY helpful. She spoke very highly of the software, and even took the time to tell me each feature she was using, and how it worked for her. I did my test of the free download over Labor Day weekend, 2011, and it seemed to handle everything I was looking for and then some. By the following Monday, I purchased the software and was using it at the studio.
MIS worked unbelievably GREAT!!! Since then, I've learned more by using. There are a few minor things I would like to see changed in terms of filtering reports and making changes to existing information. Nothing I can't work around, and may or may not matter to most users.

Renee Smith
Renee Smith
Pool Director -- Shallowford Lake Pool Association
Super Software

Have to say I totally shopped around for a software for our pool memberships. We are bringing our pool association to current times. After shopping I spoke with Jerry on this software and it sounded like everything I was looking for and more. I feel one of the best features was the fact you do not have to have the internet to use this software that was a super big plus for us also do not let me leave out the price well it was perfect! This software is awesome it is super easy to use and if you do have any problems they are always there to help even when I had some dumb questions he always had an answer. I would recommend this product highly to anyone who is looking for a software for any type of membership and the ease to run reports is great, it breaks it down to what you really need to see, I love love this software and have bragged about it to several people. There is a lot of pros to this software and honestly I have not found a con as of yet and do not think I will we love it!