24/7 Gym Access Control

24/7 gym access control

The 24/7 gym access control feature allows for your membership facility to manage access to your physical site easily. This integration allows easy management of your member’s physical access groups and credentials directly in MIS, without needing to go back and forth between your gym software and your 24/7 gym access software. When a member scans at the door, MIS receives the member who triggered this door scan. We immediately create a check in and automatically broadcast this to the facility check in screens, eliminating the need for the member to check in again at the front desk.

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Business Benefits Of 24/7 Gym Access Control

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Businesses can stay open for longer thanks to automated access control because staff do not need to be present. The software can control multiple entries making your business more efficient and shortening queues at the busiest times. Membership businesses can also save time spent tracking member attendance through this automated process and as a result get better insights and reports.

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A membership business can increase their conversion rates, membership sign up rates and retention rates with this feature. It gives businesses a competitive advantage and as a result can attract new customers and keep their current ones. Gyms and other membership businesses can offer potential customer and current members longer opening hours and new membership options such as off peak hours.


Businesses can integrate the 24/7 gym access system with their current check in system. Whether your members use key tags, fobs, or keypad check in, this feature can be easily integrated with the MIS system. A system that can be integrated with your current system offers many benefits including not having to manage and maintain different databases and the ability to leverage membership and visitor information.


This feature is integrated with Brivo On Air Access Control Cloud System, which provides access control in the cloud. MIS syncs all member’s details directly in Brivo without the need to go back and forth between your MIS gym software and your 24/7 gym access software. 24/7 gym access is supplied to paid members and staff. Once a member pays their membership their access is automatically updated in the Brivo system. MIS manages the check in process and as a result makes life easier for everyone. The smart integration ensures that there is no requirement for heavy lifting.

How Does 24/7 Gym Access Control Benefit Customers?

More Membership Choices

Members and potential customers will have more membership choices than ever before.

Customers Have More Membership Choices

The business will be open to its members 24/7, therefore allowing members to go at what time suits them best. A business can offer new membership packages such as off peak rates and as a result will attract potential customers looking for flexible options. It is a win win situation!

More Secure

Access Control not only adds an extra layer of security for a membership business, but also for its members

Better Security For Members

The check in method is monitored 24/7 to ensure that only members and staff have access to the facilities. If suspicious activity is detected the check in will be flagged on the system for staff to check or that person will not be able to gain entry. It also ensures that nobody can check in as another member without them knowing.
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