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Agreement Management Software

agreement management

The agreement management software feature allows a business to create agreement and waiver templates. During the sign up process, a new member electronically signs them. Also included is an agreement portal where a business can send multiple agreements to an existing member to electronically sign. All electronically signed agreements are stored on a member’s profile. As a result, it is very easy to access and print. Furthermore this eliminates the burden of handling paper forms.

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What are the business benefits of the agreement management solution?

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When the member base of a business grows, so does the contents of the file cabinets. As soon as a file cabinet reaches its limit, more are needed. The work involved in maintaining paper agreements can be a hassle as a result of this. All signed agreements are stored electronically, hence making life easier. A business can also be proud that they are helping the environment with a go green approach.


Physical agreement documents have a very high chance of being misplaced. Even more so when a business is handling hundreds of members at a time. Consequently, losing a signed agreement can put a business at risk of losing a lawsuit. A signed agreement is stored electronically with MIS and as a result there is less chance of being misplaced. A record is stored permanently and for that reason can be easily found. Therefore it can be easily checked if a query may arise.

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A business can store and manage all contacts in the same place and no other agreement management system is needed. As a result, a business can easily see what contracts have been signed that day and what ones still need to be signed. Manually searching through file cabinets is very time consuming especially if they are not sorted correctly. In conclusion, retrieving an electronically signed agreement is as easy as opening up the member’s account and viewing or printing them.

How does our agreement management software benefit customers?

Full transparency

The relevant parties receive the full terms and conditions as part of their contracts. They are fully visible and as a result cannot be disputed once the contract is completed and the sign up process is finished.

Customers receive full transparency from a business

Our agreement management software helps businesses records all contracts sent. This helps a business limit their liability by offering full transparency to members and potential customers. In turn members know exactly what they are signing up for and a have a digital copy of the agreement and T&C’s.

A Simple & quick sign up process

A customer can sign documents and return them to the business quicker than ever before.

Simple & quick sign up process for members.

There is no need to print out a contract, sign it and then deliver it or scan and email the agreement. A customer can complete the agreement process and receive confirmation within a couple of minutes. The ability to sign anywhere means a quicker and hassle free process. This in turn means happier customers!

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