Barcode Check In Software

Our check in system will allow your members to check into your business with ease and reliability. When one of your members checks in, the system will pull up their account and alert you if the member can use your facility or not. The system will pull up their photo and alert you if their membership plan has expired, if they owe you money and any customized alerts that you may have setup on their account.

Peace Of Mind

Barcode technology is a proven scanning method that has been used in the membership based industry for many years. Adding this to your business will give you the confidence that members accessing your facility has paid up and are in good standing.

Increase Efficiency

The days of shuffling through index cards and using spreadsheets to manage your members is the thing of the past. All your member’s have to do is place their barcode next to the barcode beam the system will instantly alert you the status of the customer. Software does not get any easier than that.

The best thing about MIS is that it's easy to learn and very uncomplicated to use. We used to use EZFacility, which was far more complicated and less user-friendly than MIS. We've had it for almost a year and staff still comments on how much easier MIS is than EZFacility.

– Nancy R.

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