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Barcode Check In Software

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The barcode check in feature allows a member to check into a gym membership facility with practically any kind of barcode reader. When a member checks into you business with a barcode scanner, the gym membership software system will lookup the member’s account and alert you if the member can gain entrance or not. Assign every member a custom key tag with your logo and business information and they will be taking your brand with them for some smart advertising.

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How does our barcode check in software feature help businesses?


Barcode technology is a proven scanning method that has been used by many different software packages including membership based software. Adding the ability to scan barcodes in the member check-in process will give you the confidence that the members accessing your facility should be allowed.

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The days of shuffling through index cards and using spreadsheets to manage your members is the thing of the past. With the barcode input software feature, all a member has to do is place their barcode next to the barcode beam. Software does not get any easier than that.

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Barcode scanning not only simplifies check in for customers but also saves money for businesses. After the initial set up, a business can use the system for many years and therefore reduce operation costs in the the long term. The barcode check in feature is a great tool and a must have for all gyms in the 21st century.

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You do not have to buy or install any specific barcode reader to use our software. We design our software to be very adaptable and therefore our barcode check in software can work with any barcode reader. This makes it easier than ever to use barcode readers to to help your business grow.

Benefits For Your Customers

What makes barcode check in software a must have for Gym Businesses

No More Queuing

Beat the pre class rush

Help your customers beat the pre class rush

Self service check ins reduce queues that start to build before the start of classes. It also reduces the need for extra front desk staff during these times making it a win win scenario. Our barcode check in feature ensures that there are no delays and therefore classes can always start on time.


Make life easier for all parties

Making life easier for you customer and your business

Not only does barcode check in make your job easier, but it makes it a lot easier for members. People choose what is most convenient for them. Self check in means that they don’t have to wait 5 minutes in a queue to enter a gym. Overall this will lead to a positive experience for members and any membership business.
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