Event Scheduling Software

event scheduling software

The event scheduling software feature allows for a business to schedule and manage events in a very easy to use user interface. Coupled with this, the event scheduling software can handle trainer’s sessions or class schedule. If you need to manage an event, this feature can handle it. An event can be setup in a way where members can pre register in advance. A maximum capacity can be set and for that reason you can be sure that the classes of events will never be overbooked. Furthermore, the software also includes an event check-in screen where a member can sign into a certain event they are eligible to attend.

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How will our event scheduling software feature help your business?



This is a must have solution for a membership business. A good software solution for events and classes will automate the entire process. Therefore, this saves a business time and money. Making the change today, you will see the benefits immediately. This software will help a business get as many registrations as possible with little or no resources needed. More importantly, all the attention can be focused on promoting classes and events once the initial set up is finished.

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This software makes scheduling very easy for a business and therefore makes life easier. Just select a date from the calendar and double click the time you want to schedule an event. Fill in a couple of details about the event like assigned employee, which can be an instructor, trainer, or any type of employee. Choose if this will be a recurring event or a single one time event, therefore making it very easy to plan ahead. Finally choose the memberships that are allowed to attend the event or choose that all memberships can attend.


Staff are able to easily monitor what classes or personal training appointments they have coming up. Therefore, this ensures that there will be no excuses for missed appointments. A business no longer has to remind staff, hand them their hours/classes, or worry if an instructor is going to show up or not. In conclusion, this will result in less stress for management and happier customers.

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