Fingerprint Check In

Fingerprint check in will allow your members to check into at your front desk with their finger. When your member places their finger on the reader, the system will quickly match their finger with their account. It then will alert you if the member can gain entrance or not. The scanner is USB driven, so you will be able to connect multiple fingerprint scanners on your computer allowing multiple members to check in the same time.

Extra Layer Of Security

Fingerprint check in will give you the assurance that the person utilizing your services are actual members and will eliminate anyone that is trying to steal from your business.

Cost Saving Solution

Instead of using key tags, where you have to purchase and repurchase when you run out of key tags, start using your member’s finger for checking in, eliminating the cost of key tags.

The best thing about MIS is that it's easy to learn and very uncomplicated to use. We used to use EZFacility, which was far more complicated and less user-friendly than MIS. We've had it for almost a year and staff still comments on how much easier MIS is than EZFacility.

– Nancy R.

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