Fingerprint Check In Software

finger print check in

The fingerprint check in feature allows a member to check into your gym membership facility with their finger. When a member checks into a gym with their finger, the software system will extract the binary features off the scan’s image and find the corresponding match in the system. Once the match occurs, MIS will then lookup the member’s account and alert you if the member can gain entrance or not. The scanner is USB driven, so you can connect multiple fingerprint scanners on the same computer allowing multiple members to check in the same time.

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How does our fingerprint check in software feature help businesses?


Fingerprint check in requires no additional equipment beside the scanner. This removes the possibility of potential human errors. This can be eliminated if a business make the switch today. No more time and money spent replacing faulty equipment or dealing with individual member problems. This saves lot of time and effort for both the gym staff and members and therefore will lead to cost savings for the gym and happier customers!


This is probably the most effective way of making sure that the only people that enter a business are those who are supposed to be there. Gyms and other businesses are protected against stolen or forged memberships. The fingerprint check in feature not only protects a business from unauthorised entry and crime but it also track members to give important analytics and therefore making it a fantastic tool.


Computers do all the work and therefore make the check in process more efficient. It works flawlessly with fingerprint check in software and and as a result reduces the chance of errors. A computer records what time a member, guest or visitor enters the gym much better than an employee can. This in turn also frees up staff for more important jobs. It is a win win situation and a solution that all fitness businesses should have.

Benefits For Your Customers

What makes fingerprint check in software a must have for gym businesses

Hassle free check in process

Nothing Needed For Check In

Nothing needed for check in except yourself!

A member doesn’t need to worry about remembering to bring a card with them to check in. All they need is themselves! This makes it more convenient for a member and most noteworthy a quick and easy process for all involved.


Better security for members

Better security for members

A member can be confident that no one but them is using their gym membership. A customer doesn’t have to worry about losing a fob or someone stealing it and as a result they have peace of mind that no one else can sign in as them.
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