Of all the countries in the world, the U.S. has the most gyms and fitness centers.

For fitness enthusiasts, that’s great news. But as a gym owner, this can pose a problem: how do you beat the competition?

Gym club management software might be the answer. The right software can propel your gym into the modern day. It offers a streamlined experience that customers will love.

Not sure how to use gym management software to grow your business? This guide is for you — keep reading to learn how to implement this strategy to get more customers!

What is Gym Club Management Software?

Gym software basically just helps you automate processes. This can speed things up for your customers, while also saving you money. With software, you won’t have to pay so many staff members.

In addition to automating the check-in process, your software can also automate payments, track leads, and much more. Exactly what your management software can do will depend on which type you choose. 

For example, you can get gym club software that’s focused on attendance tracking, merchandise sales, marketing, and more. Most gym software offers multiple functions to meet the changing needs of your clientele.

How Gym Software Can Grow Your Customer Base

Now, let’s take a look at how you can use gym software to get more customers.

Get Your Staff on Board

One of the best ways gym management software can help is by making sure your whole team is on the same page.

Do you feel like you’re the only person making the decisions and looking at the numbers? It’s probably because you are.

Gym management software can open a portal to important information for all your staff to see. This helps them feel more involved, and take more responsibility for getting more customers.

Your gym club management software should offer analytics tracking so you can see how well your approach is working. These analytics can show you everything from which classes clients like the best to what time of the day your gym is busiest. 

When your staff understands these patterns, they can take more ownership. They’ll want to get more people to sign up for their classes or training sessions.

This can even become a friendly competition for staff members: seeing who can get the biggest class of the week or month!

Your software can also let your staff know about promotions to mention and other ways to support the gym. Make sure they can access relevant information, and stay open to your staff’s suggestions for more ways to grow your gym.

Reach Your Target Audience

With your staff on board with the new software, you can now turn your attention to reaching your ideal customer.

With so many gyms in the U.S., you have to set yours apart in more ways than one. It can’t just be a place for people to go work out. Instead, it has to be a place that has a specific appeal for a specific group of people.

Figure out your niche, and then you can figure out how to reach customers within that niche. Some software can track your leads and even send out marketing materials, like promotional emails.

Use software to keep turning those leads into return customers.

Track Attendance

Software that tracks attendance can be useful for seeing how to adjust your scheduling and marketing accordingly.

Is your gym’s Thursday afternoon Pilates class always full?

You might consider adding a second class at the same time to catch the overflow students. But if you have a Friday morning yoga session that only ever gets a handful of students, you might want to move it to a different time.

Attendance also helps you see how your staff is doing.

For example, if you have a staff member whose classes aren’t well-attended, this might be an opportunity to train them in making their classes more engaging. But remember that the issue might just be that the class schedule doesn’t work for many customers.

You can also track attendance for your individual clients and customize your marketing accordingly. Did a customer recently stop showing up? A gentle nudge in the form of a promotional email might get them coming back in.

Send Promotions

Some gym management software helps you get the word out about any promotions that you have going on.

For example, you can use your software to email all of your customers about a new class series or a new trainer. You can also use it to connect with leads who haven’t become members yet. A discounted offer can prod them toward actually buying a membership.

Even a change in hours or a simple schedule change can mean a lot to some customers. The right software makes it easy to contact everyone at once with the information they need. 

Gather Contact Information

The best gym membership software doesn’t just help track current clients. It also keeps contact information on prospective and former clients. It can even organize them into the categories you need.

For example, you might send out a seasonal discount offer to three categories of customer, with a different message for each. The current clients could be encouraged to share the offer with friends. The prospective and former clients would be encouraged to purchase the discounted membership for themselves.

There are all kinds of marketing benefits to being able to easily gather and sort contact information. The right software means you can get rid of that bulky file cabinet and start storing it all online. 

What’s the Best Gym Software?

The right gym club management software will let you do all this and much more. But where can you find the best gym management software?

The top software options have a wide variety of features that offer multi-faceted benefits.

Looking for the right software choice for your gym? Check out everything that MIS software can do here!