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How To Assign A Membership Plan

In order for a member to become active, they must be signed up to at least one membership plan that is not expired. The following instructions are going to show you how to sell a membership plan and add a membership plan manually. In order to do these, you have to have your membership plans added and configured from the Settings-Membership Plans Menu (See How To Setup Your Membership Plans For Your Club).

Do The Following To Sell A Membership Plan

  1. Go to a member’s account/profile.
  2. From the Plans Tab, click the Plus button and choose Purchase Plan.
  3. From the dialog box, click the Select link next to the plan that will be purchased.
  4. If the plan selected was configured to allow family members, you will then be given the opportunity to add the family members to the plan. Once you add the family members, click Next. If the plan was configured to not allow family members, then the next step will apply.
  5. If you want to change the rate of what the selected plan is configured to, you can set the override here. If not, just press Next.
  6. You will then be shown the invoice that the member will need to pay for their first month and any additional sign up fees based on what was configured for the selected plan.
  7. Clicking the Complete Sign Up button, will add the selected plan to their account, create the invoice that needs to be paid, and assign a balance to their account .
  8. After completing sign up, a dialog box will display allowing you to process payment for this signup.

Do The Following To Manually Add A Membership Plan To A Members Account

  1. Go to a member’s account/profile.
  2. From the Plans Tab, click the Plus button and choose Manually Add Plan.
  3. Set the values for the plan that you want to assign.
    • General Tab
      • Plan:  Choose the plan from the dropdown.
      • Check Ins: Enter the amount of check ins that they will be allowed to do.
      • Expiration: Set the expiration when the plan will expire and need to be renewed or billed.
      • Auto Bill: Check here if you want our system to auto bill their payment method at expiration date.
    • Family Tab
      • Auto Assign Family Rates:  Checking this will tell our system to automatically calculate any additional family member’s rates based off of the configuration for the selected plan. If you leave this unchecked, you will need to manually set the additional rates for each family member that gets assigned to this plan.
    • Override Tab 
      • Allows you to override the price that the member will need to pay when renewing this plan.
  4. Press the Save button.
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